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Are you unsatisfied with your current position? Do you feel you are capable of achieving something greater? Are you having a hard time with people at work, maybe your managers? We all face crossroads in our career, where we are forced to decide if we need to stick on to the same job or try something different. Take advantage of the career advice offered by Madeleine Morgan across Cambridgeshire including Cambridge, Cambourne, Newmarket and surrounding areas. Contact us today and we'll get back to you.

With over 15 years of experience, Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence has coached over 900 managers, professionals and business owners in difficult situations in and around Cambridge. Helping them to be both happy and successful in their careers and now it’s your turn to be happy. Madeleine Morgan uses proven, powerful career coaching techniques to help you build confidence at work. Whether you're looking for a more challenging job, a promotion or to handle stress at your current job, life coaching will guide you through all your work related issues.

  • Identify your greatest strengths and use them for maximum impact

  • Meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm

  • Be calm and resourceful in difficult situations

  • Make tough choices with conviction and self-belief

  • Tap your hidden potential

  • Increase your wealth and get the recognition you deserve

  • Improve your relationships at work

  • Achieve levels of success and fulfilment you could only dream of before

  • Visualise your goals and achieve them – perhaps a promotion or a leadership role.

  • Build the career you want and deserve



Madeleine Morgan has developed an outstanding combination of experience, skills and qualifications as a NLP life coach, helping others find the way to happiness and success. Her never ending passion for coaching people to overcome their difficulties and helping them meet their career goals has made her one of the most reliable life coaches in Cambridge.  Our clients leave their sessions feeling more confident and able to better tackle their personal issues. Taking pride in the quality services we provide, you can expect a refund of your money if you don’t see any positive changes in your work life and general wellbeing after our sessions.


Contact me now to arrange a free Discovery Session in Cambridge and see how I can help you. During this career advice session we’ll work together to create a crystal clear vision of your ideal occupation and uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success at work. You’ll leave the session motivated, re-energised and inspired to create the outcomes you really want in life.

Does being interviewed or being the interviewer make you nervous? Walk inside the room with great confidence and self-esteem. Once you choose Madeleine Morgan for career advice, you’ll be able to attend your job appraisal meeting with confidence and positivity.  Take control and accept or reject any job offer you receive after carefully analysing them.


Benefits of our career advice

  • Take part in interviews and appraisals assertively, confidently and skilfully

  • Establish rapport quickly

  • Have a relaxed, yet perceptive, approach to interviews and appraisals

  • Adjust your communication style to the person you are talking to

  • Be comfortable asking for the salary you deserve

  • Answer difficult questions comfortably

  • Deal assertively with ‘pressure interview’ techniques

  • Build your self-esteem and sense of self worth

  • Make the right choice about a job offer

Are you stressed out at work and return home exhausted every day? Are you finding it difficult to strike a perfect work-life balance?  Located in Cambridge, Madeleine Morgan offers career advice for people across Cambridgeshire, Cambourne, Newmarket and the surrounding areas. From boosting your assertiveness and skills to help you work efficiently to addressing work related issues, we can help you with it all.


With our stress management coaching, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognise stress in yourself and others

  • Identify the real sources of stress and deal with them

  • Regain the control and support you need

  • Manage difficult situations and people with confidence, enthusiasm and resourcefulness

  • Enjoy change, pressure and 'good' stress

  • Find creative ways to getting things done and avoid the stressful route

  • Change your stressful reactions into positive ones

  • Improve your problem solving, time management and other essential skills that help you prevent stress

  • Manage your managers or teams confidently

  • Visualise your goals – then create a 'no-fail-zone' to ensure your success

  • Ensure you have quality time to relax, recharge and re-energise


Turn up at work leaving others wondering how on earth you remain so calm, clear and yet productive!

Do you feel pressurised by upper management or with unrealistic deadlines set for you to achieve? Managers also face challenges handling team members. Whether you feel you don't have the confidence or the skills to be a team leader or you feel you need to improve your presenting skills, we can help you.


As your leadership coach and management mentor, Madeleine Morgan uses powerful coaching techniques to show you how to:

  • Identify your greatest leadership strengths and use them for maximum impact

  • Meet management challenges with confidence, enthusiasm and resourcefulness

  • Influence your team to follow you and give their best

  • Make tough choices with conviction and self-belief

  • Manage conflict, stress and anger calmly and effectively

  • Improve your communication, time management and other essential skills

  • Manage your managers confidently

  • Visualise your goals – then create a ‘no-fail-zone’ to ensure your success

  • Build your reputation (personal brand) and create the career and rewards you want

  • Ensure you have quality time for friends, family and exciting personal projects.

Redundancy scares most of us. We all feel anxious about our future career prospects. Whether you're worried looking at your colleagues who have been made redundant or you feel you don't have the confidence to take up a new job, we can help.


After our coaching, you’ll be able to:

  • Take clear decisions about the right career moves for you

  • Assess whether you could start a business or go freelance

  • Meet the challenges of being made redundant confidently and resourcefully

  • Prepare an interview-winning CV

  • Develop confident interview skills that can secure you job offers

  • Recession-proof your career so that you can maintain your financial independence and a lifestyle you can enjoy

  • Turn being made redundant into a great opportunity

Are you feeling frustrated or worried about handling difficult people at work such as your managers, clients, colleagues or a team member? With the confidence coaching offered by us, you'll be able to influence people to behave more positively.


As your life coach, I can share powerful and effective strategies to help you:

  • Solve people problems confidently and assertively

  • Use feedback and negotiation skills to manage difficult people.

  • Resolve conflicts to create positive individual working relationships or a more productive team

  • Create win-win solutions to resolve conflicting needs and opinions

  • Understand how arguments arise in the workplace and how to settle them fairly

  • Recognise the different ways people react to conflict and deal with the negative ones effectively

  • Identify your preferred style of dealing with conflict

  • Be more in control of difficult situations

  • Raise difficult subjects comfortably and constructively

  • Expand your team and working relationship ‘repair kit’

  • Build effective working relationships with your colleagues, manager, clients, suppliers or direct reports

Whether you’ve just graduated from university and are going to take up your first job or you’re anxious about the transition from student life to the world of work, we can show you a positive way forward. As your life and career coach, Madeleine Morgan shares powerful and effective strategies to help you get your dream career. For instance, you’ll discover:

  • How to make sense of all the confusing career choices and be clear about the fulfilling and rewarding career direction for you

  • How to avoid being left on the jobless pile and write CVs that can win you job interviews

  • How to be confident in a job interview without appearing arrogant

  • What will give you a competitive edge on the career ladder

  • What you must do to be recognised and rewarded easily and quickly and avoid being overlooked at work

  • Why a client of mine got an 11% pay rise and how you can too

  • Plus, 7 career secrets to having what you want in life and work and how you can apply them

Life coaching for confidence at work

Career Coaching Techniques

Be confident during your interviews and appraisals

Managing stress at work

Lead your team with confidence

Face redundancy with great confidence

Dealing with difficult people at work

Starting your first job

Take your first step to creating the confidence at work and career you really want. For professional career coaching sessions in Cambridge contact Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence


Click here to request your Free Career Coaching Discovery Session

Take your first step to creating the confidence at work and career you really want.


Click here to request your Free Career Coaching Discovery Session

"Thank you for equipping me with useful and simple tools to help me with my communication and growth with my business. I have much more confidence that I can help my team grow by using these skills."


Claire Finn

"It was Madeleine's brief coaching sessions that 'made the difference' in my securing an Associate Director role a few years ago with a global organisation, which involved me undergoing three hefty interviews!


Madeleine is calm and perceptive, builds your self-belief, she draws out positive attributes you didn't know you had, makes the complicated simple, tailors her coaching to your needs and personality, kindly honest in her appraising.”


Andrew Wilkinson

"Over the months I worked with Madeleine, I built greater confidence and was able to make some bold moves in my business. I benefited from the mix of tools and techniques that helped me get past some patterns of thinking that although decades old, were keeping me back. I highly recommend working with Madeleine!"


Eli Shine

"When I got my first job I was a classic introvert programmer with a garnish of lacking confidence. I felt it wasn't my place to say certain things or nerves just got the best of me and prevented me from putting my points across. I didn't know this at the time, I just thought that this was just me and that was that, but after working with Madeleine she very quickly started breaking down the barriers that prevented me from stepping up to the plate, and regularly challenged me to practice my skills..."


Luke Stagg                 Read more here

I consider myself to be a successful, focussed person and resourceful person. I still found I need coaching to achieve my goals. The coaching has helped me to work more efficiently with other colleagues, manage my time better, deal with difficult situations confidently, understand others better and deal with stress. The weekly sessions have helped me to achieve my potential. I would have no hesitation in recommending Madeleine’s services.


Rebecca Wooderson, Business Owner

“Following the trauma of being made redundant Madeleine helped me see that I was capable and resourceful when I had just experienced criticism and challenge. Not only that, she gave me some simple tools and techniques to give me confidence in stressful situations. Thanks to Madeleine's techniques I am about to embark on a new job.”


Ann Hunter

“Madeleine has a holistic approach to coaching in that she offers life and business coaching.  This was a particularly helpful combination for me, who needed to deal with and sort out both areas of my life simultaneously.”


Trina Hill, Consultant

“Madeleine, thank you for the Confidence for Women at Work workshop you delivered for our Cambridge University WISETI scheme which supports women in Science, Technology and Engineering.

You quickly got the delegates engaged in lively discussion and problem solving. You answered their burning questions and helped them understand the key obstacles to building confidence and how they could overcome them. The delegates went away certain of what steps they would take next to improve their professional confidence and career prospects.”


Sarah Dickinson, WISETI, Cambridge University

“I have enjoyed working with Madeleine – she has provided focus, ideas, structure and achievable action plans to help with my business progression. Going from corporate life to running my own business was difficult. Helping me to overcome the obstacles blocking my thought processes, meant I achieved significant progress in a relatively short period of time, rather than procrastinating and getting bogged down with trivia.

Madeleine has provided a number of great ideas to enhance my business plan, drawing on her knowledge and experience. I have also learnt some valuable tips to enhance my business tool kit through the NLP techniques she uses. One of the most powerful lessons learnt, is how to deal with difficult people.

Working with Madeleine will enhance your business and give you more confidence to deal with life!”


Aegean Thomson

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How to go from work frustration to career success and work confidence with professional career coaching in Cambridge