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Have you always been scared of addressing a group of people? Does the thought of walking up the stage and presenting make you feel nervous? If you feel nervous when the spotlight is on you, you’re not alone. Findings in surveys suggest that, for many people, our number one fear is of public speaking. In those same surveys fear of death comes third! How is it that so many people worry about being the centre of attention? For one reason, we live in a society where people are all too willing to criticise. Through the coaching sessions on presenting and communicating skills offered by Madeleine Morgan you can discover how to avoid the mistakes that could sabotage your presentation and learn the secrets of the master presenters. Then, you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons. We can even take a video of your presentation to help you improve.

Develop your public speaking, presenting and communicating skills

Research shows that people make 11 judgements about us within the first 30 seconds of meeting us. It’s frustrating when, out of lack of confidence, you may stutter over your lines, become tongue tied, present yourself in a wooden way or fail to speak up. In many situations that negative impression can lose you the sale, a job opportunity, a chance to make a positive difference or cause you to be overlooked in favour of more confident, but less talented people. Even when you do manage to present yourself well, if you feel nervous inside it takes away much of the enjoyment of your success. It doesn’t have to be like this though!

Speak with confidence, speak from your heart



Manage Yourself:

  • Feel comfortable when you are the centre of attention

  • Turn the ON switch to confidence when you want to

  • Lose nervous habits and take on confident body language and voice

  • Discover your communication style and how to use it to your advantage

  • Image tips, colour and style analysis to help you create the impression you want

  • Deal with feedback positively and confidently

  • Communicate assertively


Manage Your Audience:

  • Create positive energy in the room - quickly

  • Deal assertively with difficult people

  • Answer challenging questions with certainty

  • Become skilled at the techniques of ethical influence

  • Quickly establish rapport with your audience

  • Motivate, engage and inspire your audience

  • Become aware of how others see you

  • Discover how to get your message across to people with different personalities


Manage Your Stage:

  • Master the art of stage layout to enhance your presentation – whether the stage is a conference hall, meeting room or informal setting

  • Understand how and when to use PowerPoint effectively

  • Discover the secrets of impressive, ‘low tech’ presenting


Manage Your Content

  • Structure and arrange your content to suit all learning and listening styles

  • Learn how to use anecdotes and metaphors to get your message across easily

Want to find out more?

Take your first step to creating the confidence at work and career you really want with professional presentation coaching sessions in Cambridge.


Contact Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence today.


Click here to request your Free Presentation Coaching Discovery Session

Take your first step to creating the confidence at work and career you really want. For more information on our communication skills and presentation coaching sessions in Cambridge contact Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence today


Click here to request your Free Presentation Coaching Discovery Session

“Madeleine Morgan's work is just wonderful! The presentation skills I learned with her are very helpful. She teaches with passion and taking her workshop is fun and makes you feel capable of presenting yourself in front of other people. Thank you so much for your inspiring inputs!”


Andrea Wiget

“I’ve always want to improve my presentation skills. I must confess I was sceptical about working with a coach and unsure how it would benefit me. However, I found your approach relaxing, fun and gradually over the weeks my confidence and skill grew. Instead of dreading standing up in front of a room full of people, I came to look forward to it. I’ve receive congratulations on my interesting and funny speeches. I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for help with their presentation skills or for that matter, looking for an excellent Life Coach.”


Graham Abbey, Managing Director, Factotum Ltd.

"Madeleine provided valuable presentation skills coaching, initially in relation to a specific requirement but which have also proved to be transferable across other business interactions."


Melanie Parkhurst

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Whether you want to impress, entertain, sell, influence, lead, inspire, get the job, persuade, attract, educate, inform, negotiate, or assert yourself with more confidence, here are just some of the ways Madeleine Morgan can help you remain naturally confident when the spotlight is on you. You can discover how to: