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Our lives are greatly influenced by the people we interact with. Most of you will agree that our happiness depends on the quality of our relationships. Whether it’s your romantic partner, your best friend or a family member, they all play a significant role in our lives. If you’re struggling with a complicated relationship, ending the relationship is not the only way out; why not give your relationship another chance? Based in Cambridge, Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence  offers relationship coaching for people living in a troubled relationship. Submit our form today and one of us will get back to you.

Often we are so frustrated and give up on our hopes. Isn’t it unfair to end a relationship without trying or giving it another chance? Research at the University of London found that living in loving relationships gave the same level of happiness as an £82,000 pay rise, every year! You might say it’s priceless. Give your priceless relationship a new beginning.

We all have our own reasons to lack confidence, trust and happiness in relationships:

  • Bad experiences in the past such as abuse, rejection and divorce

  • Poor role models when you were young, such as controlling and critical parents

  • A need to understand yourself and others better

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Not knowing how to deal with difficult emotions and people,

  • Pressures at home or work

  • A need to learn new communication skills such as how to deal with arguments


You may think that you don't need a life coach, that you can handle this yourself. Few even talk about their problems with their friends or family. But often the people who should be supporting us are the ones we're having difficulty with. Even if you have encouraging and caring people in your life who can provide you with helpful solutions, they often don't have the professional qualifications required to boost your self confidence in the long run. They could judge you too, while a life coach doesn't make judgemental statements. If you don’t learn how to deal with difficult people, it’s uncanny the way they keep turning up in your life.

With over 13 years of experience in relationship coaching, Madeleine Morgan can help you solve relationship issues. Our relationship coaching is for individuals, couples and families who may be:

  • Having problems communicating

  • Going through a bad patch

  • Considering splitting up

  • Managing the breakup of a relationship

  • Who have just got together with someone and want to make sure it goes well and lasts this time



Your relationship coaching sessions can show you how you can:

  • Grow your confidence and self-esteem in relationships

  • Gain skills and insights that you can use straightaway; such as the 3 questions to ask to get an agreement – and the question you need to avoid!

  • Deal assertively with ‘difficult’ people

  • Discover what makes you and others happy, so that relationships become easier

  • Clear unhappy past experience quickly and enjoy the present

  • Enjoy more supportive, fun and loving relationships

  • Speak to others so that they will listen and take notice

  • Read moods and respond effectively

  • Attract the people you want in your life


In romance and marriages, life coaching will show you how to:

  • Where necessary, understand the opposite sex – and enjoy the differences instead of arguing about them

  • Keep the passion and excitement alive!

  • Reignite a passion that has faded

  • Trust again after a relationship break up

  • Choose the right time, and way, to leave a relationship

  • Enjoy confident dating

  • Know when you’ve found a partner for life – or if you are just enjoying a brief encounter

  • Move confidently through big changes such as divorce, marriage and parenting

  • Feel like you’ve known each other for years instantly

  • Get what you need without having to nag, sulk, cry or get angry


With family and friends, life coaching will show you how to:

  • Be a confident parent - so your children can become confident adults

  • Enjoy your children – even when they’re being ‘difficult’ toddlers and teenagers

  • Heal past differences and hurt feelings with your parents

  • Communicate difficult feelings – and get the response you want

  • Dare to be yourself in any social situation – and still feel part of the group

  • Stop saying ‘Yes’ when you really mean ‘No’!

  • Feel comfortable when you are the centre of attention

Your relationship deserves some attention

Why are relationships problematic?

Be confident in all your relationships

Take your first steps to creating the relationships you really want with relationship coaching by experienced relationship coach Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence in Cambrige


Click here to request your Free Relationship Coaching Discovery Session

Take your first steps to creating the relationships you really want. Contact Madeleine Morgan, experience relationship coach to discuss relationship coaching sessions in the Cambridge area. Call 01223 426 392


Click here to request your Free Relationship Coaching Discovery Session

Dave’s story:

‘I was sick and tired of either going out with women who were fun and interesting but who took from me and never gave back or women who were ‘safe’ but dull to be with. Now, I’ve discovered how to be fun, loving and supportive in a confident way and I’m attracting women I enjoy being with, without getting taken advantage of.’

Ann’s story:

‘I used to dread family celebrations because my parents and older brothers and sisters seemed critical and patronising, even though I’ve been really successful in my life. I had tried distancing myself from them but it didn’t feel right. Through the coaching process I’ve discovered how to get the respect, support and love I deserve and it’s more fun being with my family now ….’

Mel’s story:

‘...With coaching I was able to build confidence in myself, get clear about what I was looking for and develop more skills to keep my relationship interesting. By the end of it I felt really certain about what I wanted to do and excited about what would happen next.’

Allan’s story:

‘When I came to coaching, I’d been divorced for 5 years. I hadn’t seen the divorce coming and I still felt hurt, angry and betrayed. I had picked myself up financially, just about, but I was nervous about getting involved in another relationship that might not work out. Women sensed my defensiveness and were put off before they even had a chance to get to know me. During my coaching sessions, I quickly learned how to put the past behind me. Then I built the confidence and skills to find and enjoy a new and much better relationship.’

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