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"The great thing for me was that all the questions I was looking to Madeleine to answer were indeed answered..."


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Know your worth and be confident with confidence coaching sessions in Cambridge

If you’ve never felt confident before and have been missed out on opportunities because of this, this may be the most important page you’ll ever read! There are many problems faced by people who aren’t confident in their lives. Imagine how well you could speak, live and use your talents if only you had the confidence to explore yourself. Madeleine Morgan, expert confidence coach, offers confidence coaching classes for building self confidence in people of any age group. If you want to know how to feel totally relaxed in everyday situations and be happy in yourself, get in touch with us right away. Located in Cambridge, Building Self Confidence offer our services across Cambridgeshire, Cambourne, Newmarket and surrounding areas.

  • Discover the secrets of confident people (even they don’t know some of them!)

  • Make confidence a habit so that when we really need it, it’s there

  • Be self-assured without appearing arrogant

  • Switch off stress and worry

  • Clear unhappy past experiences quickly

  • Learn the 7 questions which will help you be prepared in any situation

  • Discover how to play to your strengths

  • Take the right decisions for you, easily and quickly

  • Raise your level of self-esteem

  • Get the recognition and rewards you deserve

  • Handle any resistance from others as you take control of your life

  • Deal assertively with angry, critical, aloof or pushy people

  • Confidently react to difficult people and events

  • Express and present yourself with certainty - when it really matters

  • Get clear about your direction in life

  • Meet new relationships and work situations confidently

  • Be comfortable when you are the centre of attention

  • Enjoy better relationships with family, friends and colleagues

  • Work in more fulfilling jobs

  • Earn more money

  • Have the courage to seize opportunities

  • Become more decisive

  • Have an attractive inner glow

  • Discover hidden potential

  • Get the recognition you deserve

  • Overcome life’s challenges faster and easier

  • Feel happier about yourself

  • Take back control of your emotions

  • Make a positive difference in the world

How can Madeleine Morgan help?

Importance of self confidence

"Working with Madeleine has been a truly incredible life changing experience. Madeleine was knowledgeable and with her coaching and support I have been able to transform all aspects of my life within a short space of time. I have gained the confidence to embark on new business ventures. I look forward to working with Madeleine in the future."


-Carla Golding

"I highly recommend Madeleine, she has given me my life back! Madeleine has an incredible knack of helping you to get to the issues you need to deal with and then provides fantastic tools to enable you to deal with everything and move on.

I have spent 6 weeks with Madeleine and it is the best value of both time and money that I have ever spent, so much so that I am now looking forward to using her again in a professional context.”


Emma Furness

Take your first step to creating the confidence at work and career you really want. For self confidence coaching in Cambridge contact Madeleine Morgan at Building Self Confidence today on 01223 426 392


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