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"Working with Madeleine has been a truly incredible life changing experience. Madeleine was knowledgeable and with her coaching and support I have been able to transform all aspects of my life within a short space of time. I have gained the confidence to embark on new business ventures. I look forward to working with Madeleine in the future." Carla Golding


"I highly recommend Madeleine, she has given me my life back! Madeleine has an incredible knack of helping you to get to the issues you need to deal with and then provides fantastic tools to enable you to deal with everything and move on.

I have spent 6 weeks with Madeleine and it is the best value of both time and money that I have ever spent, so much so that I am now looking forward to using her again in a professional context.” Emma Furness


"The great thing for me was that all the questions I was looking to Madeleine to answer were indeed answered – the even greater thing was the realization that all the answers were within me and Madeleine’s ‘just’ helped me look for them at the right place. After only a few sessions I felt much more confident, happy with whom I was and where I was heading and more importantly far more resourceful than ever before in my life.

I especially appreciated the fact, that not only did Madeleine listen to my concerns but more importantly gave me the tools to deal with them without having a mini-breakdown several times a day! I found especially powerful the communication model which helped me understand certain experiences in my past which I didn't know what to make out of and caused me a lot of heartache. Learning about different types of personality characteristics and understanding what mine was has given me the confidence to deal with people and situations I would have previously dreaded.

I am at a point in my life when I'm facing the most uncertainty than ever before (about to be made redundant and just came out of a relationship) which for many people would be a very stressful time but thanks to Madeleine I am confident about myself, my skills and abilities. Madeleine's personality test has also highlighted areas for improvement and I am very excited about working on those.

All in all this has been the best investment I've ever made - an investment in myself which I know is paying off already!" Yvona Brandstatterova

“I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice over the past months. It has been really beneficial and it’s so great that Dan and I are finally able to discuss our relationship and the future and we are working towards a solution to our current situation.” Mary Dale


“I was really sceptical about coaching. My previous experiences of help professionals were people who gave advice without grasping my circumstances, or else who were understanding but couldn't guide me to action. Madeleine, on the other hand! She helped me untangle the complicated situation that's had me really stuck, as well as build up the confidence that I could *do* something about it.

So if you've got an interpersonal situation that you don't know how to work through, try working with Madeleine. My career and my partner are seriously glad I did!”

Ray Jassin, designer and researcher


“It had got to a point where I’d lost my business mojo and my brother and I were not working effectively or happily together.  There was no big incident that had led to this but simply two siblings with opposite personalities trying to work together.

After the success of working with Madeleine and another member of staff, we decided that if we wanted to move forward as a company it was imperative we addressed this.

After only 3 we had identified our strengths and weaknesses and how they complemented each other and most importantly, we had identified a plan for how to work effectively together.

It’s only a few weeks after that final session but the effects were immediate.   We are working proactively and positively together and what was once a fraught and exhausting relationship is now propelling our company forward in the right way for us.” Lisa White

“I realised that working in the law profession requires more than just knowledge.  I wanted to make sure that I developed confidence and skill at communicating with colleagues and clients, to give me the best possible chance of progressing in my career. Madeleine shared with me some powerful influencing techniques that have helped me deal with different personalities, difficult situations and get the best out of myself and others. Now I feel better equipped to create great working relationships with colleagues and clients and I enjoy my work even more.” Andy Carr Lawyer


"Thank you for equipping me with useful and simple tools to help me with my communication and growth with my business. I have much more confidence that I can help my team grow by using these skills." Claire Finn


'I wanted to leave my job as I felt my career was going nowhere. Madeleine helped me take back control. First we clarified what I really wanted to do. Then, we worked on strategies to build confidence, unlock my creativity and develop leadership and communication skills. Now I've got a great new job and I honestly believe I wouldn't have done it half so well without my Life Coach.' Joan Herbert, PhD, Business Development Manager


"Madeleine helped me to develop personally which in turn benefitted my career and management skills. She individually tailored each session to my needs, this was incredibly helpful in gaining confidence and exploring ways of challenging my belief systems. Her support enabled me to be more curious and allowed me learn how to challenge in a mutually beneficial way to other managers and colleagues."  Harriet Lovegrove


"Madeleine was a helpful, creative and professional source of advice as I contemplated my next steps after many years building up one organisation. She took time to understand me and my aspirations, helped me break those down and offered some great tools to assist my thinking and actions. I'm pleased to say I've since found exactly the kind of role I was looking for and feel well-equipped to make the transition to a new organisation!" Robyn Munford


“Over several years a relationship had built up between myself and a member in the company that had resulted in many working scenarios becoming demoralising, aggressive and unproductive because of our poor working relationship.  We didn’t gel and would put each other’s backs up either intentionally or unintentionally.

This started causing problems throughout but especially where big decisions were concerned and we also found focus was on this relationship and managing it rather than on progressing the company forward.

An important meeting was coming up and it was necessary that I get the agreement of everyone

The meeting came and went and everyone was on board.  I received a particularly positive response from the individual I had the problems with.  This was all down to using the tools that Madeleine had given me in our sessions.”

So, 10 months on and I am still using the tools Madeleine gave me.  Our company is progressing well.

I cannot recommend Madeleine highly enough and she is now my first port of call when tricky situations arise.” Lisa White, Manager


"It was Madeleine's brief coaching sessions that 'made the difference' in my securing an Associate Director role a few years ago with a global organisation, which involved me undergoing three hefty interviews!


Madeleine is calm and perceptive, builds your self-belief, she draws out positive attributes you didn't know you had, makes the complicated simple, tailors her coaching to your needs and personality, kindly honest in her appraising.” Andrew Wilkinson


"Over the months I worked with Madeleine, I built greater confidence and was able to make some bold moves in my business. I benefitted from the mix of tools and techniques that helped me get past some patterns of thinking that although decades old, were keeping me back. I highly recommend working with Madeleine!" Eli Shine


"When I got my first job I was a classic introvert programmer with a garnish of lacking confidence. I felt it wasn't my place to say certain things or nerves just got the best of me and prevented me from putting my points across. I didn't know this at the time, I just thought that this was just me and that was that, but after working with Madeleine she very quickly started breaking down the barriers that prevented me from stepping up to the plate, and regularly challenged me to practice my skills. The benefits of this were immense. I was able to build genuinely strong relationships with my clients, and internally I gained the respect of my colleagues. I went from Junior Programmer to acting Lead Developer in a very short period of time, and the company benefited from my combination of technical and interpersonal skills. Madeleine gets a high level of recommendation from me, and my thanks for her time developing what I now believe to be my most valuable skill, win-win communication." Luke Stagg


I consider myself to be a successful, focussed person and resourceful person. I still found I need coaching to achieve my goals. The coaching has helped me to work more efficiently with other colleagues, manage my time better, deal with difficult situations confidently, understand others better and deal with stress. The weekly sessions have helped me to achieve my potential. I would have no hesitation in recommending Madeleine’s services. Rebecca Wooderson, Business Owner


“Following the trauma of being made redundant Madeleine helped me see that I was capable and resourceful when I had just experienced criticism and challenge. Not only that, she gave me some simple tools and techniques to give me confidence in stressful situations. Thanks to Madeleine's techniques I am about to embark on a new job.” Ann Hunter


“Madeleine has a holistic approach to coaching in that she offers life and business coaching.  This was a particularly helpful combination for me, who needed to deal with and sort out both areas of my life simultaneously.” Trina Hill, Consultant


“Madeleine, thank you for the Confidence for Women at Work workshop you delivered for our Cambridge University WISETI scheme which supports women in Science, Technology and Engineering.

You quickly got the delegates engaged in lively discussion and problem solving. You answered their burning questions and helped them understand the key obstacles to building confidence and how they could overcome them. The delegates went away certain of what steps they would take next to improve their professional confidence and career prospects.” Sarah Dickinson, WISETI, Cambridge University


“I have enjoyed working with Madeleine – she has provided focus, ideas, structure and achievable action plans to help with my business progression.

Going from corporate life to running my own business was difficult. Helping me to overcome the obstacles blocking my thought processes, meant I achieved significant progress in a relatively short period of time, rather than procrastinating and getting bogged down with trivia.

Madeleine has provided a number of great ideas to enhance my business plan, drawing on her knowledge and experience. I have also learnt some valuable tips to enhance my business tool kit through the NLP techniques she uses.

One of the most powerful lessons learnt, is how to deal with difficult people.

Working with Madeleine will enhance your business and give you more confidence to deal with life!” Aegean Thomson


"Talking to madeleine was a refreshing experience, her ability to make me think outside the box was excellent. I am a successful business owner but I needed more tools to help me earn the income I really wanted from my business. I realised how to make more money out of my experience, knowledge and qualifications in less time. After the session with her, I had clarity and focus of where I wanted to be and an action plan of how I was going to get there. The penny dropped and all the pieces of the jigsaw fit. Thanks a million." Satvinder Sokhi

“Madeleine Morgan's work is just wonderful! The presentation skills I learned with her are very helpful. She teaches with passion and taking her workshop is fun and makes you feel capable of presenting yourself in front of other people. Thank you so much for your inspiring inputs!” Andrea Wiget

“I’ve always want to improve my presentation skills. I must confess I was sceptical about working with a coach and unsure how it would benefit me. However, I found your approach relaxing, fun and gradually over the weeks my confidence and skill grew. Instead of dreading standing up in front of a room full of people, I came to look forward to it. I’ve receive congratulations on my interesting and funny speeches. I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for help with their presentation skills or for that matter, looking for an excellent Life Coach.” Graham Abbey, Managing Director, Factotum Ltd.


"Madeleine provided valuable presentation skills coaching, initially in relation to a specific requirement but which have also proved to be transferrable across other business interactions." Melanie Parkhurst

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“I recently had a discovery session with Madeleine, and I was blown away by how valuable it was. The questions she asked not only helped me get clear on what I truly wanted to create in my life but also how I could easily do it. Having been coached by many people in my 8 years of business I can honestly say that Madeleine is an amazing coach and truly brilliant at what she does. If you get a chance to have a Discovery Session with her I would jump at it because you’ll get so much out of the session – I know I did. Thanks Madeleine.”

Melina Abbott